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Wayne Nelson Annouonces Performance at Event

About DDX3X and the Fundraiser

Sponsorship Available

Be a part of the effort to raise $1 Million Dollars for research. UCSF and Dr. Elliot Sherr have been studying the effects of DDX3X for years. They have completed two official studies at Sherr Lab. A mouse model has been built to try to find a drug that can alter the protein of neurons in these cases and increase brain function. See more information here: 

How you can help:

1. Buy VIP Tickets to the event! Your small contribution goes a long way and you will receive a tax document for your donation to our 501C3 non profit Organization, Carly's Cause, Inc

2. Become a Title Sponsor- Have your name, logo, and online information marketed a the main sponsor to bring this event to the San Diego concertgoers!

3. Dinner Sponsor- Sponsor the VIP Dinner with the Stars! 

4. A gift of donated Real Estate Nationwide. 

Call Sandi Shaner for more details: 619-358-0405

Carly is one of 350 known cases. There are 5 others here in San Diego ... But... there are hundreds of thousands with similar co-morbid conditions. Science finally caught up. And they believe they can find a way to alter the protein in their cells to increase brain function.

My question is simple. If there was a way to bring in more diagnosed children, would donors step in and get behind saving these children?

I have been through a personal brand of hell and Carly experienced 100 times more. Parents cannot afford these tests, so they just go through day after day watching the children malfunction. Carly’s Cause has developed a payment assistance program for these children in addition to a fund for research. Strength will be in numbers. Get behind us now. Buy tickets to the VIP dinner and you will be supporting research to find a CURE!. I personally promise that I will see this effort to completion.

About the Show

One full hour of the Beatles White Album to be performed with an assembled band from some of San Diego's most respected Cover and Tribute bands, to be followed by an All Star Jam! Names of "Stars" include:

Wayne Nelson- Little River Band

Roni Lee- 

Gallo Claudio Pesavento- Keys- Mahogany Rush and Chris Squire

... and many more TBA

Members of San Diego Local Greats:

Kisag Solis- Guitar

Jason Cooper- Guitar/ Vocals

Zach Wheeler- Bass

Mikey Pannone- Drums

Jorge Palacios- Drums

Michele Whitlow- Vocals

Rosy Dawn- Vocals

John Cappel- Vocals

John Hesterman - Bass/ Vocals

Sandi Shaner- Percussion/ Vocals



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