Here are some of the Kids

Alexandra F. is 16 years old with mosaic DDX3X. She has cleft lip and palate, mild hearing loss, neurogenic bowel and bladder, gastric apherisis, and she is non verbal. She is one of the happiest kids in the world when she has her comfort items (which there may be a little OCD there.) 


Carly F. , 6, lives is NC with her family. She is a bright, joyful, sassy ball of energy. Carly is smart, kind, funny, and full of life. She has an innate ability to capture the hearts of those she meets! She keeps us on her toes and makes life fun!

Carly has come leaps and bounds in her development over the past year. She is verbal and mobile, though speech is one of her biggest struggles. She also battles ADHD and Anxiety, and was recently diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri, which resulted in having a shunt placed in her brain to drain excess pressure. Carly is a fighter and we could not be prouder of the little girl that she is!


Annie is happy and enthusiastic and engaging, most of the time! Her language is definitely quite limited, but she’s able to express herself for the most part. Those of us who are familiar with Annie and her manner of speaking are much more able to understand her than others! She did not walk well on her own until she was about three, and the talking came much later… even with regular speech therapy.