Donate a Property

Carly's Cause has been serving Children with Disabilities since 2014. We have given 93 iPads to children who were either non verbal or have loss of mobility. We have granted two schools 8 iPads each, and gifted them with a curriculum to use with Special Needs Children. We have assembled a Beatles Tribute band including 32 children of all needs, and performed concerts. We have taught children who have difficulty communicating how to express their feelings through painting. Now we are on to something bigger than ever!

Since Carly has been diagnosed with a genetic mutation, herself, our company has been trying to find out how these mutations can be repaired to improve brain function in these very special children. We have identified several research studies that are under funded, yet extremely promising. One is at Mount Sanai in New York, at the Seaver Autism Center, and the other at UCSF in Sherr Labratory- a mouse model study. Science is advancing daily, but funding is limited. 

If you have a property that is not making you money, we can teach you how, by donating it to further science, you can earn tax incentives while helping children like Carly to receive the benefits of science in her lifetime. Please call NOW at 800-390-3128 or complete the form below.