On this page we will post pictures and videos of iPad deliveries. Some deliveries are directly to the child, others happen at Special Needs Schools. Each iPad delivered also comes with Carly's Cause paying for the apps that are needed, and if the child is not working with a Speech or Occupational Therapist, Carly's Cause will cover the first few appointments. 
Morgan received an iPad and case, delivered to the hospital in NYC, where she is currently being treated for Neuroblastoma, Cancer. The treatments are painful and we are sending her enormous prayers. The iPad is to help her learn, since she is 4 years old and unable to attend school due to her disease. 

Ryder is 3 years old. Has had a Liver Transplant and has developmental delay from multiple hospitalizations. We gave Ryder an iPad, Case, and $100 itunes gift card. Here is a testimonial from Ryder's Dad, Cody:  "Ryder received his Ipad nearly a month ago, and we have seen a lot of improvement. He has been using multiple apps with therapy to help identify his colors, shapes, and animals. With a very short attention span, we have noticed with using the apps, he has mantained a longer focus period. All in all, Ryder has benefited tremendously from the ipad and it's apps! He uses it every day!"

Here is a letter that Christian, who just received an iPad from Carly's Cause, was able to write to Santa Clause with the device. See Christian is almost completely immobile, but can type. I wanted to share this letter with you all to warm you up for the holidays!

Dear Santa Claus,

Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to your visit. this year, I would like anything for Christmas:

First of all,I would like some cool shirts.
As well,I would like some nice chess checkerboard set.
Finally,I would like some sand from Brookstone, a box to put it in, and tools to shape it.

I have been a good boy I really do think I deserve these three things because:
1) I am very patient
2) I work hard at school
3) I don't interrupt people.

Excited for you to come and visit and bring me presents.

This is Connor getting a reward of a song after finishing his homework with his ABA therapist. This has helped motivate him to do his writing homework and also helping him stay calm when he gets upset. We are incorporating the iPad into his ABA therapy slowly and it is going great. Can't wait to find more apps to him my little guy!  ... Mom aka Tracey